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K N O W B.S.

Brand​ie Sanders, LLMSW, CMHP, QIDP. 

Hey, I'm Brandie.

I am a social worker in the Michigan area with an 8-year scope of practice working with individuals, youth, and families. I have helped facilitate positive change through case management, individual and group therapy, clinical supervision, program management, mobile crisis work, and hospital psychiatric social work. The task of improving your mental health is not easy to take on alone and how to do it is unique to your own individual needs and experiences. I utilize creative expression in both my clinical work and self-care work. The nonverbal expression of painful memories and anxieties can help start the process of talking about them.

The Mind Makeover represents the ability to generate creative energy as a healing force for the mind, body, and spirit. It is a figurative mental makeover using visual expressions to reframe negative thought patterns. Through creative expression, you are moving the thoughts and emotions out of your mind and into something constructive. The process can be cathartic and allows you to be proactive in your own healing.

The Mind Makeover is a one-on-one coaching service rooted in the use of strength-based interventions to improve your mental wellness using a creativity-based framework. If you worry you are not a creative person and how this can work for you... don't. Creative wellness work focuses on the belief that the creative imagination can find its way through the most perplexing and complex problems and conflicts not just limited to creative journaling or the arts, but all forms of creative expression that use your individual strengths to regain control of your life’s narrative. 

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